North American Rail Safety

is a Company comprised of 3 individuals from Yorkton/Melville area. We are all family men with interests in the outdoors, motocross and snowmobiling. Between raising our families and working in a safety sensitive environment for many years, we understand how important safety is.

We decided to do this together so we could pass on our interests in railroading, the importance of safety and what it takes to go home to our families at night.



We coach participants to be resourceful and productive while working safely.

Our Company executive has a combined 80+ years of railroad experience. We take safety very seriously. We have close to 20 years of full time training and won a President’s award for our training initiatives. Our goal is to never stop learning, and that will make us better teachers.


We have designed our courses to instill a safety first mentality in the participants.

North American Rail Safety is a corporation designed to teach real life safe railroading practices. We teach a quality 105 course designed to help Companies that need to move/load/unload rail cars in the course of operating their businesses.


Our Company recognizes the need to teach cutting edge safe railroading to employees, the public and to employers to reduce rail incidents.